Distinctive Features of CNI
Business Development Plan


CNI welcomes you with open arms and offers you an exciting opportunity to change your whole life. The CNI Business Development Plan have helped thousands of distributors fullfil their dreams! You will be rewarded by the effort you put in. The reward may be multiple the effort you expend. Needless to say, your earnings would depend on the size and productivity of your network. As your network grows so will your earnings, stability and endurance.


"Your status in CNI is not judged by early or late affiliation. Perhaps you wonder what benefits you could earn since there are thousands of CNI its members before you. Our answer is "there are plenty", because our system is such that an earlier or later affiliation is not the key criteria as to how much you can achieve in CNI. As long as you are willing to exert your best, be diligent and passionate about the business, you can always excel, lead and reap more benefits.


The reward will exceed the effort you expend. What a normal working class earns is very limited and sometimes disappointing regardless of how much effort they put into their job. CNI Business Development Plan is extraordinary and exciting. As long as you exert your best, CNI Business Development Plan will reward you with a comfortable income, a balanced lifestyle and make your dreams come true.


We ensure every effort you make is rewarded. In this system, no effort goes to waste. CNI Business Plan permits you to accumulate every point you make over any period of time. This ensures your promotion and gives you an appropriate income. PROFIT-SHARING The spirit of CNI Business Development Plan lies in its profit sharing system. Every month, CNI allocates a certain percentage of its monthly turnover to qualified members. The greater your productivity, the greater your reward will be. It is as if you are a shareholder of the company.

Our Business Development Plan Work!


CNI offers a practical and proven Business Development Plan for aspiring entrepreneurs, which is further enhanced by its systematic and comprehensive development programme. In other words, you are guided every step towards building your own CNI business.

CNI's Business Development Plan is built on the following features: "Fair, Practical, Accumulative and Profit–Sharing" where you will be rewarded by the efforts you put in.


  1. Join us as a Distributor! CNI is a progressive and innovative company that provides excellent income opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs with minimum capital startup, irrespective of their background and qualifications. A homegrown company, CNI is also one of the biggest multilevel marketing companies in Malaysia and South East Asia. Today, CNI is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia through its holding company, CNI Holdings Berhad.

  2. Benefits of Being a CNI Distributor CNI provides 14 benefits to its distributors. They are retail profit, performance bonus, leadership bonus, top personal group sales awards, executive bonus, car fund incentives, house fund incentives, children education incentives, promotion certificate, pin recognition, CNI NEWS recognition, leadership travel seminar, executive forum and overseas trips.

  3. Products Marketed by CNI CNI offers over 300 products under the CNI brand name across five distinct product lines, such as nutritional and health, personal care and cosmetics, food and beverages, household and auto care, and other exclusive items. With such a diverse range of products, it will be easier for any distributor to introduce at least one or two products to each of their customers.